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Archivists learn how to preserve audiovisual collections despite time, technology and tragedy

Jane Raup is one of those people responsible for telling the story of Hurricane Camille. It is a story she knows well. Raup is now the archivist for the museum. Several shelves in the archive room are dedicated to commemorating Camille. She keeps track of hundreds of pictures and handwritten notes from the disaster, including a box that holds original documents.

The challenges of an archivist

One legal pad had a list of the names of people missing sprawled across it. He said the way people responded to Camille, and the lessons learned, have shaped what the county looks like today.

Meet Our Vintage Collection Archivist, Bill Bonner - National Geographic

The flood informed land-use planning and called for improved emergency communications. The Oakland Museum houses the Camille Resource Center, a place to further research and understanding of the historic event. The museum also hosts an exhibit that features the names of the people who died, a map of more than 5, landslides that ran through the county, and stories of heroes and recovery. From the practical to honoring lives lost, it is a story the historical society says cannot be forgotten.

The Archivist’s Story

There were two events this weekend to commemorate the anniversary and honor the lives lost 50 years ago. On Monday at 10 a. Archives tend to be old and need to be stored properly in order to slow decomposition. Some archives are stored in acid-free boxes and the storage areas have slightly cooler temperatures, all to lengthen the lifespan of these sensitive documents.

Preserving Camille: Nelson County Historical Society works to tell the story

In recent years, Wayne State archivists have been especially strengthening their relationship with the LGBTQ community, the Detroit dance community, and the community of Black lawyers and judges in Detroit. In one sense, we are the memory of communities. The Wayne State University Office of Communications is the primary liaison between the university and the news media.

We understand timeliness is critical in news reporting. Our goal is to deliver a rapid response to media inquiries and provide reporters with the most relevant experts and spokespeople. Wayne State University.

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